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Сколько времени нужно, чтобы собрать и настроить САМ S-400, поскольку на нем столько грузовиков и транспортных средств?

S-400 TEL транспортер пусковая установка.

У S-300, на котором базировалась система, был большой радиолокатор с одним каналом, на развертывание которого ушло более часа. Большой TEL транспортер, большой грузовик. Их опыт во Вьетнаме состоял в том, что у вас не может быть статического положения S-400 более компактен. Почему российский С-400 — не шутка (и почему никакие ВВС не хотят бороться с ним)

What makes the S-400 better is it has a more powerful multi channel radar that goes out to about 250 miles, and long range missiles to defend that airspace. More compact radar and less gear. Setup is under an hour, perhaps near roadworthy. The system is like our Patriot system, and it more compact that predecessors. It can be used with several different missiles. They can move within minutes of an engagement, so you need a plan.

It is not a joke. The system just has to detect you, then target you, and it must discriminate between civilian and military, friend and foe. You can degrade their radar. You can spoof it. You can blind it. Get low and evade it. There are ways.

Their radar may be subject to multichannel ECM. It can be beaten if we see it often enough. So the Russians have it in Syria and other places, and have not really actively used it for fear of creating a Intel opportunity for USA. At risk is an export opportunity of billions in each sale, so of course they don’t want a failure. They learn more from our attack by watching.

It is possible to evade engagement using stealth, but using long wave radar they might or will see you coming, at least have some idea. They may not be able to effectively target you. And if you can get to within weapons release range, they become a target; that range is 70 miles or so for radar riding Shrikes, less for Mavericks, and if they stay put, our stealth cruise missiles we hope are fly specks on their radar. So our stealth technology helps negate their competency.

It is a good system. Fast, capable good radar and great defensive missiles. No joke. But not a perfect shield.