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Почему в странах НАТО нет систем ПВО, таких как российский С-400?

Патриот — способная система ПВО, и она не устарела.

Вот подробное сравнение с S-400:



  • Патриот PAC 2 был выпущен в 1990 году. Его ракета имеет дальность действия около 160 км и имеет полуактивный радар. Ракета PAC 2 ориентирована на зенитную задачу.
  • Существует также PAC 3, который более сфокусирован на противоракетной задаче, имеет дальность 20 \ 35 км (20 для базового PAC-3 и 35 для PAC 3 MSE), использует активную радиолокационную наводку и работает примерно с 2000 г. ,
  • SkyCeptor, which is a slightly modified STUNER interceptor will be compatible with Patriot in the near future. Stunner (a part of David’s Sling) is a VERY capable interceptor. Its range is in exess of 160km, and it is revolutionary as it has 2 seekers- an IR and a radar, both mounted on the missile. It also has 2 stages, while the second stage has 3 pulses, making the missile capable of flying very far while maintaning a very high speed. It focuses on intercepting ballistic missiles and cruise missiles.


  • 48H6N- this misssile was taken from the S-300. It is the russian equivalent of the PAC-2. It has a range of around 200 km and semi active radar homing.
  • 9M96E and 9m96E2-these missiles are from around 2000 and were made for S-400. They have a range 40 and 140 km and active radar homing.
  • 40N6- This missile reportedly has a range of 400km and will be used only against high value targets as AWACS. In 2015 it became operational, though that considering how new it is- there is no way that enough were made in order to field these in all S-400 batteries, but only a very small part of them. Also, there are no photos of this missile.

All of S-400 missiles are anti-aircraft focused.

See were I am going to? Patriot is not outdated at all.



  • AN\MPQ-53- This Radar is reletively old. It has a range of around 200km. It can do everything, from detecting, to tracking, to guiding missiles.
  • AN\MPQ-65- This Radar is not operational yet, but there is a prototype. Its exact range is unknown. Just as AN\MPQ-53, it can do everything, from detecting to engaging.


  • 92N6E Gravestone- This radar is used for engagment. It guides Semi active radar homing missiles (48H6N) and active radar homing missiles to the target.
  • 91N6E Big Bird- This radar is used to detect enemy planes at long range. It can detect a stratigic bomber sized target at 600km, and an unstealthy plane (as F-16) at around 400km.
  • 96L6E- This is an acquisition radar. It’s range is 5–300 km according to the developer.
  • S-400 uses some more radars.

Off cource that the systems also have over componets as battle managment centers, but we don’t know enough information about them to compare them.


Both systems are very advanced. Currently, S-400 definetly the edge In terms of detection. In the anti-aircraft role S-400 has the edge, while patriot has the edge in the anti-missile role.

NATO countries do have an air defense system- MIM 104 Patriot. It is advanced and definatly not outdated, and as advanced as S-400.