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Почему США хотят, чтобы Индия отказалась от сделки с S-400? Каковы последствия и преимущества сделки?

США — это Империум.

Это следует формуле Киссинджера, изложенной им Дику Хэду Никсону, таким образом, что даже президенты США могут понять:

«Друг врага — враг.
Враг врага друг »

Джордж Буш (младший) классно провозгласил это

«Или вы с нами или против нас»

В 1970 году Киссинджер и Никсон сформировали ось США-НАТО-Суннит с нефтедолларами Палатки Сауда. С тех пор эта тема постоянно повторяется во внешней и военной политике США. Амальгама этого и военных спекулянтов (нео доводы и т. Д.) Образуют «глубокое государство» США ***

Kissinger’s 1970s doctrines are very much the central pillar of US foreign policy and begot the Second Cold War when Clinton shredded the Reagan-Gorbachev deals by taking over the Baltics and went on to bomb Belgrade for 84 days to throw Bosnia and Kosovo into the maws of Islam and Croatia to the Vatican. Or got Bush to deflect anger over 9/11 from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to innocent Iraq. These include propping up Pakistan and China to contain India and the defunct Soviet Union respectively and the US-NATO-Sunni Axis forged with Petro Dollars by Nixon, Kissinger and Yamani, and which has directed global wars, economies, public opinion, terror and trade in contraband slaves, women, drugs, minerals, weapons and so on from the Oval Office ever since in tandem with the War Profiteers of the US Military-Industrial Complex.

All attempts to change this is offensive to the «Deep State», as the Opinion and Decision makers as well as “Intelligence” agencies of Western “Democracies” are all owned by the Tents of Saud, Qatar, Kuwait, Brunei etc. through bribery, black mail and other means.

After Reagan and Gorbachev brought the “Cold War” to an end, Lewinsky Clinton began the Second Cold War by shredding the Reagan-Gorbachev Agreements and expanding NATO Eastwards. He then began regime change and fragmentation exercises in countries friendly to Russia such as Yugoslavia which every White House has continued since then. Georgia, Iraq, Arab Spring, Libya ,Syria and Ukraine.

While Trump made the right noises during his election campaigns of repudiating Sunni Islam and befriending Russia, the Deep State has bucked and hog tied him and he is back to playing the Kissinger game with Russia as the enemy and as a hired gun of the Sunni (Petro Dollar) Arabs.

Which means that from the US point of view, India, in buying S-400 is cavorting with US enemy Russia.

This is not what the US wants. The US wants India to be a loyal vassal state like Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Iberia, Scandinavia, Australia, South Korea and Japan.

BUT, The US, as a super power in decline cannot afford to disburse the enormous amounts in military aid and weapons to India, which it has to Pakistan since the 1960s, to re concatenate India’s geo positioning into a fully compliant vassal State. India is a Third World Country impoverished by and weakened by its anti-national “Reservations-Corruption-Extortion” Constitution and laws, unable to make drastic changes in anything, let alone weapons design, development and production or source of weaponry. Hence the US attempt to achieve its ends through arm twisting India into compliance with the Kissinger formula through promises and threats rather than any hard cash or weaponry.