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Почему Иран не покупает S-400?

Я подозреваю, что они имеют. Иран заплатил огромную цену за системы » s-300 », которые они купили у России, и вопрос в том, почему они …? У Ирана уже есть версия » s-300 » — Bavar 373, которую они разработали сами с помощью Украины и Белоруссии.

Это они могут производить в любом количестве, которое они хотят.

Вы должны помнить, что Россия находится под давлением, чтобы не продавать S 400 в Иран,

but what is the difference between the two systems? The s400 is a modernized version of the s300 that has different rockets(that looks the same) and different radar systems plus some new software and sensors. The s300 that Iran bought from Russia has these new radar systems and sensors, so what dosen’t it have?- the rockets?- who can tell? You can’t see from the outside, especially when they are in their tubes. Does it lack the software, or part of it? Perhaps, then again who can tell also I assume they would need this to operate the new radar systems and sensors, or maybe there are different versions. Russians often do make cheap export versions of their weapon systems, BUT the problem with this is that Iran payed a steep price. Therefore I suggest that Iran probably did buy the s400 from Russia, but they called it s300 to avoid other nations from interfering.

Ps. Note that the s300 and s400 where developed to work together, so it would make sense to have the s400 protecting some strategically important areas and the bavar 373 to protect the rest.