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Почему Индия не выбрала американское THAAD вместо российской системы ПРО С-400, если THAAD более мощный?

Решение перейти на систему S-400 вместо системы THAAD было основано на требованиях, а не на эффективности. S-400 является система ПВО , тогда как THAAD является ПРОТИВОРАКЕТА системы. Индия хотела создать систему противовоздушной обороны, что поставило бы под вопрос THAAD.

[Источник изображения: Новости обороны Индии ]

Когда мы заключаем сделку в целях безопасности, деньги становятся второстепенными, а требования становятся приоритетом. Система THAAD стоит 2 млрд долларов за единицу, тогда как система S-400 стоит от 500 до 1 млрд долларов за единицу в зависимости от подробных спецификаций.

Some important parameters under which we can compare the S-400 and THAAD systems are:

Target Detection :

  • The THAAD system can easily detect short range, medium range and intermediate range ballitistic and cruise missiles from 200 km to 1000 km. It cannot detect small range targets like fighter jets and stealth aircrafts, i.e. those flying at low altitudes can destroy the THAAD, if left unguarded.
  • The S-400 system can detect targets such as fighter aircrafts, low altitude bombers and also stealth aircrafts and cruise missiles from a range of 600 km and upto an altitude of 50 km. However, it cannot detect ballistic missiles which fly at high altitudes.

[Image Source : Cambodia Military Science]

Target Destruction :

  • The THAAD system can destroy targets beyond a horizontal range of 200 km and a vertical range of 150 km. It’s horizontal sweep is 90 degrees and vertical sweep is 60 degrees.

[Image Source : China US Focus]

  • The S-400 system can destroy targets within a horizontal range of 400 km and a vertical range of 30 km. It has an efficient sweep of 360 degrees both in horizontal and vertical direction, which gives it a high precision.

Destruction Mechanism:

  • The THAAD system uses its Kinetic Energy of Impact to destroy the target. It is based on hit-to-kill mechanism. It does not use any warhead. The target speed of THAAD is 2.8 km/s.

[Image Source : Wikimedia]

  • The S-400 system uses warheads to destroy the target. It is based on Track-via-Missile mechanism. It uses lethal warheads which destroy targets at a speed of 4.8 km/s.

Usability :

  • The THAAD system uses Friend-or-Foe Indentification technique which does not allow it to destroy US targets or even NATO targets. Therefore, it cannot be used against allies of USA. It has no variants, hence the best has to used everytime.
  • The S-400 system lacks Friend-or-Foe Indentification technique which makes it easier to use it against Russian Allies. It has 4 variants of missiles – 400 km, 250 km, 120 km and 50 km. Therefore, it can be used as per the requirements.

Installation Time :

  • The THAAD system consists of 6 launch vehicles, 2 command vehicles and 1 radar vehicle. It has to be guarded with another defence system, hence it takes longer to to install the system completely.
  • The S-400 system is ready to use in 10 minutes which includes upto 6 launch vehicles, 1 command vehicle, 2 radar vehicles and 1 mobile tower vehicle. The system is fully secure by itself.

[Image Source : Cambodia Military Science]

Therefore, it is clear why India chose to purchase S-400 over THAAD. If any fair comparison has to be made, it should be done between S-400 and Patriot – both of which are Air Defence Systems.


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