Какова реальная разница между ракетной системой SPYDER и S-400?


SPYDER ( S urface-воздух PY тунце и МЭД от) является коротким и средней дальности , мобильный, низкого уровня , быстрой реакции системы ПВО поверхность-воздух с возможностью сцепления самолетов, вертолетов, беспилотных летательных аппаратов, беспилотники и высокоточные боеприпасы ( но не баллистическая ракета ). Разработано Израилем.


Типичная батарея состоит из:

один центральный блок управления и контроля,
шесть единиц ракетного обстрела,
запасные и служебные машины.

Управление и контроль:

EL / M-2106 ATAR

The Elta EL/M-2106 3D AESA Advanced Tactical Acquisition Radar (ATAR) is the Command and Control Unit (CCU) for the short range layer of SPYDER (SPYDER-SR). The range of detection for a fighter aircraft is 70–110 km, hovering helicopters at a range of 40 km and UAVs at 40–60 km.

EL/M-2084 MMR

The EL/M-2084 Multi Mission Radar (MMR) 3D AESA radar is the sensor unit for medium range layer (SPYDER-MR). It can process up to 1200 targets when in air surveillance mode and also detects targets located 250 km away.

Surface-to-air missiles:

As a short range air defense system, the SPYDER-SR has a short range of interception. The maximum altitude of interception is 9 km and the maximum range of interception is 15 km.

The SPYDER-MR has a greater operation range of 35 km and an altitude engagement of 16 km due to the missiles being equipped with boosters.

SPYDER, as its name says, has two missiles for these two purposes:

Python-5 (Short range)
Derby (Medium Range)

S-400 Triumf:

S-400 is a short-to-very long range, mobile, surface-to-air missile defense system capable of engaging any kind of aerial threat (including all kinds of aircrafts and ballistic missile). It’s literally an all-rounder air-defense system developed by Russia.


S-400 is a big complex system consisting of numerous primary/secondary/optional components.

Primary elements:

an administrative system
a command and control center
Primary radars
Missile system
The Morpheus Defense system for S-400’s own protection

Optional elements:

Secondary/optional/compatible radars
Additional missile system
early warning aircrafts

  • Primary elements:

administrative system:

The 30K6E is an administration system which manages eight divisions (battalions) of S-400.

command and control center:

The 55K6E is a command and control center for S-400 battery operation. (for 1 battery having minimum 4 missile launchers)

Primary radars


It is a panoramic radar detection system (range 600 km) with protection against jamming. It can track 300 targets.

92N6E (or 92N2E)

It is a multi-functional radar (400-kilometre range). It can track 100 targets.


It is a low-level target detection radar (300 km range). It can track a maximum 100 targets. It is Omni-directional, can detect all aircraft types, including low-observable (but not ballistic missiles). In mountainous terrain, it is resistant to false returns or clutter. It can perform the functions of a command post for battalions of S-300 (SA20/20A/20B) or even S-400 itself.

Missile system:

A standard S-400 missile system formation:

1 regiment= 2 battalion
1 battalion= 2 batteries
1 battery= 4 (or more) launchers
1 launcher= 4 launch tube

S-400 has launchers like:

5P85TE2 and

S-400 has mainly 5 types of missiles in those launchers:

40N6 (range 400 km)
48N6DM/48N6E3 (250 km)
48N6E2 (200 km)
9M96 and 9M96E2 (120 km)
9M96E (40 km)

The Morpheus Defense system:

It for S-400’s own protection.

  • S-400 Optional elements:


The 40V6MR is a mast-mounted radar system intended to detect targets flying at low altitudes and at longer ranges than the 91N6E radar.

Other secondary/optional/compatible radars

15I6ME–98ZH6E, Protivnik-GE, Moscow-1, Orion, Avtobaza-M, Orion , Avtobaza, S-300 P-family radar systems, Gamma-DE etc.

Optional/compatible missile system

S-200D Dubna
Pantsir-S1 etc.
Customer’s existing missile systems also can be incorporated with S-400

early warning aircrafts:

Beriev A-50 (or variants like Indian Beriev A-50 E/I)


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