Каковы противоречия по поводу турецкой сделки по российскому оружию С-400?

Соединенные Штаты предостерегли Турцию от покупки российской противоракетной системы С-400, поскольку она рассматривает это как угрозу для военной техники США. Вице-президент США Майк Пенс во время встречи НАТО (Организации Североатлантического договора) в Вашингтоне в среду сказал своему военному союзнику не вступать в российскую сделку, иначе США остановят процесс поставки истребителей F-35 в Турцию. Встреча НАТО состоялась среди министров иностранных дел стран НАТО в ознаменование 70-летия альянса.

На встрече Пенс сказал: «Турция должна выбрать. Она хочет оставаться критически важным партнером в самом успешном военном альянсе в истории или хочет рисковать безопасностью этого партнерства, принимая такие безрассудные решения, которые подрывают наш альянс?»

The decision would directly impact Turkish manufacturers who are making parts for the aircraft. There are speculations that the US has been planning to issue sanctions against Ankara to stop the S-400 purchase.

Turkey’s Vice President Fuat Oktay replied to Pence’s statement with his own ultimatum on Twitter: «The United States must choose. Does it want to remain Turkey’s ally or risk our friendship by joining forces with terrorists to undermine its Nato ally’s defense against its enemies?»

When asked about Turkey’s increasing ties with Russia, in form of the latest deal, Pence described the purchase as «deeply troubling» and said it «poses a great danger to Nato, to the strength of the alliance».

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu also told US in the forum that S-400 was a ‘done deal’ and Turkey cannot get back on it.

Ankara was offered the US-made Patriot missile defense system, but Cavusoglu told reporters at the Atlantic Council on Wednesday, «We couldn’t get it for 10 years, that’s why we had to buy from Russia. And we tried to buy from other allies as well. It didn’t work. So it is an urgent need for Turkey. I mean, we need air defense systems urgently in Turkey.»

Turkey defends its purchase of S-400, to strengthen its defense system against the increasing threats from militants at home and conflicts in neighboring Syria and Iraq.

To clear the air between the two Nato allies, Cavusoglu said that S-400 would not pose any threat to Nato. He even proposed setting up of a technical working group that would make sure the S-400 did not pose a threat.

The political analysts view the deal as a much deeper and serious issue. According to them, Ankara is strengthening its ties with Russia as a way of going against the US in a quieter manner. Turkey does not like Americans backing the Kurds in Syria (it has ended, but the sediment remains), Turkey does not like American plans to create a NATO base in Cyprus (the northern part of which is inhabited by Turks and functions as unrecognized by anyone except Ankara), Turkey does not like American support for the coup attempt in 2016 and Gulen’s harboring.

The implicit message which Turkey wants to convey is that won’t become a US puppet and is on its way of becoming stronger and more independent.


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