Как США могут быть уверены в том, насколько хорошо F-22 будет выступать против S-400?

Только в октябре прошлого года США отправились на Украину, чтобы тренироваться против S-300PM / V после того, как Россия развернула его в Сирии. В составе С-300 три члена НАТО (Греция, Болгария и Словакия). Таким образом, начиная с более чем десятилетия, НАТО и региональные союзники, такие как Израиль , довольно часто тренируются против них и, таким образом, лучше понимают российскую систему AD. В частности, владение Украиной и Грецией S-300 обеспечило глубокое понимание Запада.

Израиль и США направляют в Украину секретную делегацию для тренировки против С-300

Недавно российский блогер опубликовал спутниковое изображение S-300 (две пусковые установки и радар управления огнем) в США. Он получил достаточное внимание, чтобы русские издания писали об этом .

Satellite imagery shows Russian S-300 missile defense systems in the United States

This isn’t surprising, in 1994 the US acquired several components of S-300. At the time NYT reported,

The deal came to light when the sun rose on Monday morning on a huge Russian-made transport plane parked within sight of an interstate highway in Huntsville, Ala. Its cargo: components of the S-300, the Russian equivalent of the Patriot missile defense system. The buyer: the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon’s chief military intelligence branch.

The operation to obtain the S-300 was a secret mission paid for with classified financing, said Government officials, arms dealers and military analysts. It began two years ago when BDM, based in McLean, Va., won a lucrative and secret Pentagon competition to acquire the S-300 for United States intelligence agencies, which want to study the weapons system.

In a Shadowy Marketplace, America Buys Russian Arms

The US has a history of putting great efforts into acquiring leading enemy weapon systems. Since the Cold War, it acquired and operated Mig-21, Mig-29 and Su-27 to name a few – evaluating them and then training operational units on how to exploit them.

4477th Test and Evaluation Squadron

Over the last decade, the USAF acquired Mig-29UB from Ukraine and it still operates both Mig-29 and Su-27 fleet as Aggressor squadron. In 2017, a Su-27 was spotted doing DACT with a F-16 over Area 51.

These crazy photos show a Russian Su-27 Flanker dogfighting with a U.S. Air Force F-16 inside Area 51

The US is really far ahead of everybody else when it comes to acquiring and evaluating intact adversary weapon systems. It shows just how serious it is when it comes to evaluating adversary’s capabilities.

Coming back to the topic, at the very least US has pretty good insight into S-300’s performance. How’s that related to S-400? Both share similar components and design philosophy. For example, 96L6E Search-Acquisition radar and SAMs like long range 48N6E2, and medium-short range 9M96E/9M96E2 are common among S-300 variants and S-400.

Further, there are publicly released data from Russian manufacturers with respect to the S-400’s radar performance. If you know a radar’s detection range for a 10 m^2 target, you can use the radar equation to find its range against a 1 m^2 target.

Even based on the claimed performance of S-400, the 92N6E ‘Gravestone’, (250 km vs. 4 m^2 target) Fire-control radar can’t track a marble class object (F-22’s RCS, -40 dB) before 17 km (as I <a href="/How-close-can-an-F-35-fly-towards-an-operational-S-400-before-it-can-be-targeted/answer/Abhirup-Sengupta-5?ch=10


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